lake tahoe area

The map above highlights my favorite parts of Lake Tahoe; The west and North shore

While it is a basic map, and you can always see maps online, a human edited map still conveys an opinion and an impression.

While the South Shore has the big casinos, you can find some gaming at Crystal Bay and Incline village

I go to lake tahoe for the outdoors however. I enjoy Lake Tahoe most in the off-seasons, ... summer is even better but the traffic can take a lot away from the experience. But even with the traffic, the quiet and the sky and the smells are amazing ways to nourish your soul.

Area Profiles
Lake Forest Glen,
Dollar Point,
Tahoe City,

Carnelian Bay, Kings Beach, State Line, Incline Village

Homewood, Tahoma, Emerald Bay

Off the Map South Shore and Glenbrook

Ski Resourts, Beaches, Golf courses, Restaurants,
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An Easy North Tahoe Guide

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